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GSTC Speakers

2017 Featured Speakers

Lindsay Campbell

Lindsay Campbell is a research social scientist with the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station. She is based at the New York City Urban Field Station, which is a part- nership between the Forest Service and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. Her current research explores the dynamics of urban politics, natural resource stewardship, and sustainability policy making. She is joint PI on several long-term, interdisciplinary research projects. These include the Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP), which maps the social networks and spatial turf of civic, government, and private actors working on environmental stewardship in New York City—and has now been replicated in Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Juan. As well, she helps lead the research of the Living Memorials Project, which examines the use and stewardship of open space post-September 11, received the 2007 EDRA/Places Award for Research, and now continues longitudinally to look at community stewardship over time. She isa co-PI of the TKF-foundation funded “Landscapes of Resilience” team examining open spaces and sacred spaces in Joplin, MO and New York City. She jointly leads the Social Assessment of NYC Parks and Natural Areas, a partnership between US Forest Service, NYC Parks, and the Natural Areas Conservancy. She was a member of the NSF-funded ULTRA-EX team examining changes in land cover, ecosystem services, and stewardship in New York City’s urban forest. She was also a member of the Million Trees NYC Advisory Committee and Research and Evaluation Subcommittee. She is the author of City of Forests, City of Farms: Constructing Nature in New York City, forthcoming from Cornell University Press. In 2015, Dr. Campbell won the Northern Research Station Director’s Award recognizing her accomplishments as an Early Career Scientist. In addition to her research, Lindsay helps direct the Science of the Living City program for the Urban Field Station, including fellows, seminars, and artists in residence. Dr. Campbell holds a BA in Public Policy from Princeton University, a Masters in City Planning from MIT, and a PhD in Geography from Rutgers University.